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Scale your business with unlimited graphic design and copywriting support from AffinityX, trusted by more than 2 million SMBs worldwide.

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how our solution set can help your business:

Custom Websites & Landing Pages

Logo Design & Business Marketing Materials

Video Production

E-Commerce Storefront


HTML5 / Digital Display Ads


Social Media Page Creation & Ads

Script Writing

Email Blast Creation

Custom Websites or Landing Pages

Whether you want to start off with a website or just a landing page, we are here to help you build and expand your web presence. Our team of dedicated web designers and copywriters will ensure that your site is a shining representation of your business. Our website solutions include custom copywriting that’s SEO-friendly, photo galleries, video embedding, an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) and monthly hosting and website maintenance options too.

Logo Design & Business Marketing Materials

Our graphic design experts can design a stunning logo for your company in a matter of just a few days. Plus, we we can design any business marketing materials you might need, from business cards to brochures, letterhead, posters and more! Trust your brand to our graphic design experts, with decades of design expertise!

Video Production

We offer video production services to help you increase engagement across digital advertising tactics. These videos can be utilized for pre-roll and mid-roll, digital out-of-home, YouTube, CTV/IOTT, Social Media, or even a branding video for your website. Choose the custom video package that fits your needs, from professional voice-overs to our impressive stock library of images and clips. We help you bring your brand to life!

Audio Production

Not only do we offer programmatic audio advertising – we’ll even take care of the production behind your ad! With our wide selection of music to professional voice-overs, we will create a compelling message that is delivered skip-free to a custom audience.

HTML5 / Display Ads

All of our creative is produced in HTML5, which means that your ads will display as intended – regardless of the device or browser your target audience is using. With our visually captivating style, you’ll certainly attract the attention of potential customers.

Social Media Page Creation & Ads

Leverage the enormous reach of social media to build your brand, increase sales, drive website traffic, and even increase repeat customers! We can assist you in creating your official social media page as well as develop ads that can be deployed on Facebook and Instagram.

Script Writing

Developing a compelling, persuasive message for a video or audio ad is an opportunity to hook your target audience into becoming loyal customers of your business. Our team of creative writers can develop a script that tells the perfect story about your brand in just a matter of hours.

Email Blast Creation

A tried and tested tactic with an incredible ROI rate, email marketing remains one of the best ways to attract and retain customers. Your blast will not only be delivered to your existing customer list, but to prospective customers as well – right in their inbox.


With our e-commerce solution, your customers can now have an easier time accessing and purchasing your products. You can set up shop virtually anywhere and can add it to multiple websites, blogs, and social networks.

Design Box

With your subscription, you’ll have full access to our Design Box, giving you 24/7/365 access to hundreds of the best performing digital ad templates across a multitude of business industries and sectors. Plus, you’ll get access to our free color guide and typography guide.

Getty Images Library Access

With your subscription, you’ll receive full access to the Getty Images library, featuring thousands of high-quality and royalty-free images for your next project from the world’s best photo library of creative stock photos, vector art illustrations, and stock

Ease of Doing Business/ Communication

AffinityX constantly monitors all forms of communication - chat, voice, text, email - to respond to customer questions, requests and changes. AX has a bullet-proof infrastructure built over many years of reliable connectivity, ensuring our designers are always connected to you.

Consistent Commercial-level Advertising Quality Design

AffinityX is the world’s largest design resource for SMB’s, with 30 years of advertising and event designing experience for the most famous media, advertising and sports organizations in the world.

Fast and Reliable Turnaround Times

Fast is not helpful if it’s not reliable. AffinityX cut its teeth on the media industry, where accurate ad delivery is paramount. The most important thing about what we offer is that we don’t just get it done, we get it done right.

World’s Leading Proofing/ Annotation Systems

A crucial part of a top design house is having online interactive proofing tools that make annotation clear and easy. At AffinityX, we have a cutting-edge proofing system, enabling users to provide advanced markups on HTML ad proofing, including video & animation. You can even discuss the annotation with a designer, through our onlinechat functionality.

Source Files Included

Here at AffinityX, we not only deliver the finished product. We’ll hand over the original source files as well, giving you full rights to the creative intellectual property. Plus, we’ll store those source files in a sophisticated database, and archive them in case you ever lose them.

Consistent Pricing

At AffinityX, you can count on pricing that is competitive, consistent, and in 98% of the cases, pre-priced so you don’t have to wait for a quote.